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Portraits taken by Zofia Nasierowska [1931-2011], Polish photographer who was called the “queen of portraying the Polish stars”. Since 1956 she belonged to the Association of Polish Art Photographers [ZPAF].

Nasierowska’s work was said to be outstanding and thanks to unique techniques in the lighting setup she was able to bring up the beauty of the seemingly average-looking or bring encouragement the most shy models. Most of the shots taken by her became the iconic portraits of the Polish “PRL era” stars.

After 35 years of active work she stopped photographing due to a growing eye disease.

Actresses on the pictures:

  1. Elżbieta Starostecka
  2. Magdalena Zawadzka
  3. Beata Tyszkiewicz
  4. Elżbieta Czyżewska
  5. Barbara Brylska
  6. Pola Raksa
  7. Anna Nehrebecka
  8. Małgorzata Braunek
  9. Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass
  10. Irena Karel

[images via Zofia Nasierowska FB fanpage]

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